IntelifiIntelifi Screening Technology Thu, 09 Aug 2018 10:24:38 +0000 en-US hourly 1 2017 Rising Star Award – Intelifi earns FinancesOnline two HR management software awards Mon, 24 Jul 2017 18:12:32 +0000 Cassady Dill Intelifi has just underwent a detailed revision by one of the best B2B sites online. Our product recently went through an analysis from trusted B2B directory and netted a score of 8.0 out of 10 and an absolute user satisfaction rating of 100%. Intelifi earned plus points for being a thorough background screening software where companies, organizations and property owners can run detailed profile checks on potential employees, members and tenants. Moreover, reviewers noted how our platform simplifies the otherwise complicated process of background checks and screening through fully automated and intelligent features.

On the strength of Intelifi’s capabilities, FinancesOnline conferred on it their 2017 Rising Star Award and 2017 Great User Satisfaction Award for online HR management software. Not just anyone gets these badges of honor that are given to new breakout products that have proven to be a hit with customers because of their usability, effectiveness and reliability. With Intelifi, users get access to a database that contains over 400 million unique records and 2,400 sources from more than 30 State and Federal regions. This facility ensures that HR professionals, recruiters, lenders and property owners hire, deal or transact only with the right individuals whose background have been properly validated and confirmed.

The experts at FinancesOnline also noted that Intelifi is more than just a people search app. It is a comprehensive historical checker that can look through an individual’s past and present circumstance such as involvement in unlawful activities and wrongdoings. These powerful functionalities catapulted Intelifi into FinancesOnline’s cream of the crop list of leading HR management solutions and also earned us a honorable mention on their list of HR software alternatives. We are proud of the honors and achievements of Intelifi which are solid testaments on its usefulness as a tool to help in critical decisions relating to hiring, partnerships and renting.

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How to perform a background check on an employee: Remember F-C-R-A Thu, 01 Jun 2017 18:19:42 +0000 Cassady Dill How to perform a background check on an employee

Learning how to perform a background check on an employee might seem commonplace in the field of HR, but countless major corporations have found themselves in the cross hairs of hiring compliance. Let’s face it, running the Human Resources department is hard work, even on a good day. If you’re not a fast learner or willing to adapt to change, then it can seem downright impossible. Each year seems to bring with it new regulations and responsibilities that make running a business more challenging but also more rewarding.

This is especially true when it comes to properly vetting a potential employee’s educational achievements, work history, and criminal background. The Fair Credit Reporting Act, originally enacted in October 1970, has seen its language change and its scope broaden from it’s origins as a consumer safety net to a law that governs certain aspects of employment law. This change has brought about some confusion among some HR professionals, and that confusion has lead to serious fines and sanctions placed at the feet of those who have not done their homework on what it takes to be FCRA compliant.

The process becomes further complicated when a company hires a third-party vendor specializing in background checks. With so many questions and intricacies involved in this process, let’s explore the steps required to keep your company safe while outsourcing your vetting process and remaining FCRA compliant. They’re easy to remember: they spell FCRA!

How to perform a background check on an employee

F: Full Disclosure

If your company requires a background screening as a condition of employment, you are required to inform the applicant in writing of this company policy. It must be issued as a stand-alone document that is not included with an employment application and must include a summary of the applicant’s rights. If your company’s background check will involve an “investigative report” that  interviews character witnesses or delves into the applicant’s personal and professional reputation, you must disclose the scope of the investigation to the potential hire.  As always, when it comes to matters of disclosure, the more transparent you are with an applicant the less confusion there will be when it’s time to bring him or her on board.

C: Create an Opportunity to Sign

If you run a background check without the written consent of the applicant, your company could be in hot water with the EEOC and other regulatory bodies, as one of the applicant’s rights is the opportunity to give written consent. Just like with all written contracts, these documents are legally binding, so the applicant cannot later assert that they have not been informed of their rights.

R: Remember Background Check Compliance

Before a background check legally begins, you must inform the company performing the screening that your company has followed, and will continue to follow, all procedures pertaining to disclosure and authorization, that the request does not violate any state or federal law, that the information received will be used for employment purposes only, and that you will not discriminate against any applicant based on any protected class.

A: Adverse Action Procedures

If your company has declined to hire an applicant based on information received  on a background check, then you are required to submit a copy of the report used to make the decision, as well as the contact details of the company who produced the report, and inform the applicant of their rights relating to FCRA, including their right to contest any adverse findings in the report.

Once you’ve learned how to perform a background check on an employee you’ll want to teach others on your team proper protocol. When in doubt, just remember FCRA, and you’ll be fine. Though there is always some minutia to get through with any set of regulations, as long as there is a detail-oriented HR professional in charge of the process who takes compliance seriously, your company will stay on the right side of the law and outside of the courtroom.


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Background Checks for Employment: Read this before you hire Tue, 30 May 2017 18:09:45 +0000 Cassady Dill Let’s face it, not everyone is who they say they are. It’s necessary to perform background checks for employment. Yes, we know everyone is not a criminal. But there are people who are dishonest about personal information.

Recently a high school Principal resigned after students attending the school did an impressive background check on the Principal for a class project. These shrewd students learned that the Principal did not have all the credentials listed on his resume. Imagine the embarrassment and ridicule the school board faced for not doing a thorough check on their employee.


The Pittsburgh High student journalists whose background check of their principal lead to her swift resignation. (Source: “How high school journalists’ scoop led to principal’s resignation”)

While there is no shortage of options for types of background checks, some checks are extensive investigating info like worker’s compensation while others are more basic, limiting checks to criminal, credit and employment history. The most accurate results from background screenings comes from full-service background check companies. On the other side of the spectrum are online background check websites which may rely solely or mostly on do-it-yourself online search. 

Full-Service Background Checks

 Under full-servicing of background checks a company may request the following reports:

Misdemeanor and felony criminal records searches at the county, state and national levels

Sex-offender status searches

Social Security number traces and validations

Employment verifications

Education verifications

Professional license verifications

Reference checks

Credit report checks

Civil records checks

Motor vehicle records checks

Military records verifications

Workers’ compensation history searches

Health care sanction checks

Address history checks


Online Background Check Websites vs. Full Service Firms

Providers of full-service background checks do all of the research on your behalf. They search online databases and make courthouse visits to check for the most relevant and accurate criminal history. They may also verify past employment and education, as well as dig into a variety of specialty background checks of a candidate’s background.

Intelifi is a full-service background check company providing all of these reports and more. We also offer an in-house technical team to help you with any questions you may have about performing background checks in your area.

It is always in the company’s best interest to protect itself from those who may be detrimental to its success and reputation, by performing the most relevant employment background checks.

Because background checks from full-service companies can sometimes be a bit pricey, it is important for a company to do research to find the best firm to hire for the job. Regardless of the costs, a background check is considered a valuable asset that yields profitable increase to the company’s worth. No matter your preferences, if you are a business owner looking to hire people, it would be wise to do a background check in order to have the best people operating one of your most precious possessions.

Would you like to run background checks for employment of your talent? Contact our customer support  for a free demo of our full service background check software: (800) 409-1819.

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SYNCPOD: Changing The Way You Run Reports Fri, 22 Jul 2016 15:04:57 +0000 Nikki Dashti Syncpod is a new, innovative technology using a desktop device that scans identification cards right into Emerge. The smart scanner captures all details including, photo, social security number, signature, and much more, all while saving you input time and human error.

This data will complete your application input process and with a single push of a button and allow you to complete a report on the individual whose information was scanned.

Specifications of the Syncpod device

  • Compatible with all ID card types (Drivers’ License, Social Security, General Identification, Passport)
  • Scans IDs from all 50 U.S. states
  • One-touch integration captures data within 1-2 seconds
  • USB 2.0 interface means no external power source is needed
  • 3 Megapixel, 600 dpi True Color embedded camera
  • Automatic card placement detection
  • Dimensions: Height – 7.5” Width – 5.1” Weight – 15.87oz

It’s never been faster or easier to run your pre-hire screenings! To learn more about how you can start using the Syncpod technology, contact your account representative today!

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Powerful Tools for Recruiters | Reliable Employment Screening Sat, 19 Mar 2016 05:36:18 +0000 Intelifi Inc. Recruiters face many challenges when screening several applicants. That is why it is important for recruiters to work with a background check company that is seasoned and can meet your reporting needs properly.

Leave it to a leading background check service to deliver your employment background checks with efficiency and accurate results.

Intelifi caters to over 30,000 recruiters and over 5,000 staffing agencies nationwide and is an NAPBS accredited firm. Visit for more on how you can get Better Background Checks.

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Avoid Risky Employees | Compare Your Background Checks Tue, 08 Dec 2015 14:35:56 +0000 Intelifi Inc. Avoid Risky Employees | Compare Your Background Checks

Human Resource Professionals and Recruiters nationwide face ongoing risk when screening applicants for job opportunities. With the proper background check services, you can avoid the risky employees by simply running better employment background
checks. Join the thousands who use Intelifi as their preferred vendor to screen their employee backgrounds.

Get a free demo of our software along with pricing for our numerous background check products at or call 800-409-1819


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Recruiting Recruiters for Employee Backgrounds | SEARCH. SCREEN. ACT. Wed, 04 Nov 2015 07:36:44 +0000 Intelifi Inc. 1 out of every 3 HR Recruiters experience difficulties with applicants. Find out why more companies are choosing Intelifi to run their background checks. Visit for demo and pricing on pre employment background screening.

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Emerge 5 Launching in 2016! Thu, 29 Oct 2015 04:34:25 +0000 Intelifi Inc. emerge 5a▪ 5th Generation Software Platform

▪ New User Friendly Interface

▪ Upgraded Support Features

▪ Upgraded Compliance Tools

▪ Upgraded NAPBS Certifications

▪ New Online Billing Options

Intelifi is on the brink of launching its latest platform technology. Emerge 5, due to launch in early 2016, will be ready to serve the employment background screening industry at the enterprise level. With a 67% increase in new users, and a plethora of “upgrades” to the foundation of Intelifi as a company, we are grateful to have earned the opportunity to respond to our growing successes by developing a new and improved technology for our partners.

We here at Intelifi appreciate your business and are excited to share Emerge 5 with you soon.

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INTELIFI achieves Oracle Validated Integration with Taleo’s Business Edition Sun, 02 Aug 2015 07:32:57 +0000 Intelifi Inc. Intelifi, now a Gold member of the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), has once again surpassed its’ commitment to deliver exceptional background screening services to its clients. Intelifi announces today that it has achieved Oracle Validated Integration with Taleo Business Edition.

Oracle-appsThe integration with Taleo Business Edition offers Human Resource clients a seamless solution that requires less effort while maintaining protection of the applicant’s information. Now clients have simple and direct access to background checks and drug screening. “We are honored to be working with Oracle’s Partner Network. By providing validated integration into Taleo Business Edition, we offer a better way to obtain background checks” says Intelifi Co-CEO, Jay Hanaie.

Oracle’s Taleo Business Edition directly links to Intelifi’s sophisticated Emerge Software. The integration was not an easy feat. Oracle partners must meet strict integration requirements based on the priorities and needs of their mutual clients. Intelifi has surpassed Oracle’s rigorous integration standards.

Clients now have one single talent management tool that extends beyond recruiting to criminal background checks, employment background checks, and drug screening. The Taleo Business Edition integration eliminates the process of entering candidate information in two separate systems. It improves workflow while increasing productivity and efficiency.

Additionally, since Intelifi’s Emerge system is fully integrated with the applicant tracking system, submitting an employee background check request is done with one click. Status updates and reporting is automatic and directly sent to a client’s email.

“Having meaningful technology partnerships, like we have with Oracle, directly impacts our clients’ experience and is our top priority. Providing advanced and seamless solutions is one of our core philosophies.” says Ray Faraz, Intelifi Co-CEO. Intelifi’s partnership with Oracle is intended to meet the needs of mutual clients now and for the future.

About Intelifi

Since 2004, Intelifi Inc. has set the gold standard for employee background screening solutions. Intelifi is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS®) and provides superior service in the areas of criminal background checks, employment and education verifications, background screening software, ID scanning technology, background check data scrubbing and filtration, and drug testing. Intelifi is a certified provider of Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) criminal background checks.

Intelifi gives clients the “Power to Know” by providing businesses and human resource executives with a comprehensive background check screening system that fits perfectly into your recruitment process. With over 400 million unique records, access to over 2,400 sources across 30+ States and Federal regions; responsible businesses choose Intelifi as their criminal background check provider. Embedding Intelifi’s criminal background check services into your applicant tracking system reduces employee turnover, saves time and money, and most importantly, allows you to securely access confidential data.

Please visit our website to learn more about Intelifi s services.

About Oracle Validated Integration

Oracle Validated Integration, available through the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), gives customers confidence that the integration of complementary partner software products with Oracle Applications and specific Oracle Fusion Middleware solutions have been validated, and the products work together as designed. This can help customers reduce risk, improve system implementation cycles, and provide for smoother upgrades and simpler maintenance. Oracle Validated Integration applies a rigorous technical process to review partner integrations. Partners who have successfully completed the program are authorized to use the “Oracle Validated Integration” logo. For more information, please visit at


Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates.


Nikki Dashti, MS, PHR
(888) 409-1819

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Beware of FCRA Lawsuits – Spokeo Inc. v. Robins Tue, 09 Jun 2015 14:21:52 +0000 Intelifi Inc. The U.S. Supreme Court has announced that it will review a very significant case that impacts employers. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) case involves Plaintiff Thomas Robins who alleged that Defendant Spokeo Inc. (Consumer Reporting Agency) issues consumer reports that violate the FCRA. The case questions whether or not someone can sue under a statute, [and possibly bring a class action] simply based on a technical violation. The case disregards whether or not that individual actually suffered an injury.

In Spokeo Inc. v. Robins, Robins alleges that the reports that Spokeo provides with his name are inaccurate and violate the FCRA by failing to provide him with mandatory notices. For instance, the reports indicate that he has more education and employment experience than he has and that his financial situation is better than it actually is. He claims that the inaccurate information will negatively affect his employment prospects, credit, etc.

The Ninth Circuit found that Robins did not suffer damages, but held that the statutory FCRA violation satisfied Article III’s injury-in-fact requirement. The Sixth, Tenth, and D.C. Circtuis joing the Ninth Circuit’s holding. The Second and Fourth circuits have found the opposite. Spokeo’s petition for review of the Ninth Circuits decision stated, “The need to resolve the conflict is especially acute because this fundamental question of Article III jurisdiction has significant implications for class-action litigation under a statue that generates dozens of class actions in the federal court every year.”

Class action lawsuits under the FCRA have increased dramatically. The FCRA generates dozens of federal class actions each year. Since the Ninth Circuit’s decision, the number has skyrocketed to 29 FCRA class actions filed in the first four months of this year. These type of cases claim that employers are failing to get consent for background checks and provide the required statutory disclosures. According to the FCRA, if an employer decides not to hire someone based on a report (i.e. background check), then the employer is required to provide a preadverse action notice.

If this case favors Spokeo than the liability exposure for HR is significantly reduced. If the case favors Robins, the risks in FCRA lawsuits will go up considerably. This case and all FCRA cases shed light on ensuring your HR compliance processes are sound. Are you providing the required FCRA notices and getting consent forms for background checks? Are you using a background screening provider that is NAPBS accredited and provides you with the proper compliance tools?

Make the right choice when choosing a background check company. For more information regarding Intelifi’s services and technology, please contact (888) 409-1819 or visit

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