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9 Easy Steps to Optimize Your SAAS Landing Page

9 Easy Steps to Optimize Your SAAS Landing Page

A B2B landing page is a standalone website dedicated to collecting lead data for a specific marketing campaign. Landing page design follows a different formula than general-purpose websites, but is easy to master with these 9 simple rules!

1. Hero Image

2. Value Proposition

3. Lead Capture Form

4. Trust Elements

5. Benefits

6. Call to Action

7. Features

8. Images + Visuals

9. Customer Reviews

1. Relevant, Compelling Hero Image

A pattern, screenshot, or stock photo that helps the buyer understand the tone & purpose of your product. Avoid cheesy, busy, or distracting images. Remove all navigation/external links.

2. Unique, Concise Value Proposition

A clear statement that describes the benefit of what you are offering, how you solve problems, and what distinguishes you from the competition. Speak to the needs of your buyer & avoid jargon.

3. Short, Legible Form

Optimized forms have 4-6 form fields and a transparent explanation of what the buyer gets when filling out the form. Avoid CAPTCHA and long forms; they create stress and friction.

4. Notable, Rocognizable Trust Elements

Include examples of your company’s reception in your industry. Popular trust elements include customer logos, awards, and puplications that have featured you. Use well-known companies.

5. Clear, Competitive Benefits

Communicate the 2-5 most valuable and unique benefits gained from your product. Try to be specific (use numbers to back up claims). Avoid overly simplistic benefits like “Save Time/Money”.

6. Actionable, Tangible Call to Action

Use a CTA that offers an enticing benefit. For software buyers, “Get Free Trial” or “Get Free Demo” work best. Avoid vague CTAs like “Get Started”/”Contact Us” and CTAs that imply work like “Request Demo”.

7. Abbreviated, Important Features

Include your most important product features on your landing page, but keep descriptions short and easy to skim. Avoid long paragraphs. Use bullets, additional white space, or icons to break up text.

8. Attractive, Quality Visuals

The best way to break up long pieces of text is with high-quality images. Include screenshots of your product and pictures of people using your product. Avoid cheesy, non-unique photos.

9. Realistic, Trustworthy Customer Reviews

Gain trust with positive reviews from current customers. Use quotes that sound organic and believable. Ideally include the reviewer’s photo, name, position, & company. Keep quotes under 3 sentences.

Never Lose Another Lead to a Bad Landing Page

Check out some examples of optimized landing pages below. Want some help desiging a landing page for your SAAS marketing campaign? Our team of dedicated conversion rate optimization designers are ready to turn your traffic into leads. Reach out to us at today!