Statistics show over 60% of people falsify pieces of information in their resume about their employment or education history. Our verification products eliminate one of the most time consuming aspects of an HR professional’s job. We provide fast turnaround time in getting you results directly from past employer or schools.

Education Verification

  • Specialist will contact the educational institution or agency that granted the degree or certificate. The education verification report will include
  • Dates of attendance
  • Degree
  • Major or program
  • Graduation date, if applicable

Employment Verification

Specialist verifies an applicant’s work history determining the validity of the resume, we will confirm information such as:

  • Dates of employment
  • Responsibilities
  • Job titles,
  • Responsibilities
  • Reasons for leaving
  • Attendance

Employee rating

We provide information directly from the source giving you the confidence you need in hiring honest and truthful employees.

Reference Checks

Designed to confirm such personal qualities as dependability, integrity, and character through contact with business and personal references.

Professional License

We contact the appropriate licensing agency and verify the type of certification and date of issuance and, if applicable, expiration, as well as any comments, honors, or actions related to the certification.

Workers Comp

Specialist searches to see if your current or prospective employee has a previous record or history of filing workers’ compensation claims in the state being searched.

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