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Intelifi’s Verification products give employers the ability to verify the information on a candidate’s resume, as well as their personal information. History of employment, education, personal references, and even vocational licenses can be verified to ensure a job offer is made to the most qualified candidate possible. Combining verification services with a criminal background check allows you to have the most comprehensive report possible.

Employment Verification

Intelifi offers Employment Verification in conjunction with our criminal reports. This allows you to verify and confirm a job candidate’s job history, to ensure the validity and accuracy of the past employers they have provided you with. Intelifi will confirm dates of employment, title held, and reason for leaving with applicable. This information can be critical when verifying the accuracy of a candidate’s job application.

Educational Verification

Intelifi offers Education Verification as an additional component to our background screening services. This product will give you the ability to verify the degree that a job applicant has claimed to receive with the school directly. With Diploma Mills being more and more common, it is essential for employers to ensure that the degree purported on a resume is valid. We will verify that the degree is valid and the information presented to you is accurate so you can be confident with your hiring decision.

Professional Licenses

Intelifi will verify professional licenses, such as nursing licenses, contractor licenses, and other types of licenses that are issued by the state. This will allow you to ensure that the job candidate you are screening has a valid, current license for the industry and job you have available. Many times, individuals fail to update and maintain their professional license, and this verification will let you make sure you do not make a job offer to someone that isn’t licensed.

Personal Reference Check

In some cases, a resume may not give you everything you need to know about a job candidate. Employment history and education history will be made known to you, but that does not always give you an accurate judgment of their character and integrity. This can be achieved by entrusting Intelifi to verify your potential employee’s personal references. We will contact the job candidate’s personal references and ask an industry standard set of questions and provide you with the responses we receive, thus, allowing you to get a complete picture and understanding of the individual.

Workers Compensation

Intelifi offers Workers Compensation verification in every state. A job candidate may be clear of criminal history, but it is important for an employer to view a history of someone’s Workers Compensation claims as well when performing a background check. Workers Compensation checks may only be performed after a job offer has been made, and Intelifi can help you with this service on your future employees.

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