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Nevada Background Checks

In the state of Nevada, background screening providers are only allowed to report records going back seven years under the guidelines of the FCRA. Because of this limitation, it is very important that your criminal background checks are handled by a knowledgeable, reliable provider such as Intelifi. Nevada offers both a statewide search, as well as county criminal reports, all of which can be accessed directly by Intelifi to ensure the most current, up to date criminal background on a job candidate. When exact dates of sentences are so important, accuracy is extremely important. Intelifi can offer you this reliability by combining our National Criminal Report along with direct access to the county or counties that your job candidate has resided in.

Criminal background checks in the state of Nevada will show you Felony and Misdemeanor convictions over the course of the past seven years. This includes severe crimes such as Concealed Weapon Possession, and less serious offenses such as Marijuana Possession.

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