We treat every customer as a priority. Every questions or concern is answered by our in-house screening specialists with the careful attention it deserves. That means we’ll help you find the best solution for you, not just for us.

To minimize the risk of fraudulent acts, mistakes and other issues, our screening specialists regularly conduct audits of the full screening process from the data center to the operating systems. We simply don’t tolerate imperfection.

Our fully-managed account support includes:
– an FCRA Consultant to make sure operations are always within the law
– a Certified Compliance Specialist on staff at all times
– in-house support to help us insure accuracy and confidentiality
– support via ticket, phone or chat, whatever is most convenient for you.

At Intelifi, we’re built on exceed our customers expectations. Let us help you make the right hire with confidence while reducing turnovers, saving time and money and excelling at what you do. We try to always excel at what we do.

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