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From vendors to resellers, Intelifi has many mutually beneficial programs designed to help increase efficiency and profitability for our affiliate partners. In turn, these strong and diverse relationships allow us to provide a greater array of options and capabilities to our end users. Below is a list of our current integration and solutions partnerships. Contact us to find out more about how your organization can grow with our family here at Intelifi.


Formerly a Women Business Enterprise Certified (WBEC) organization and a strong partner of Intelifi operating as a minority owned corporation, Intelifi.com has positioned itself as a provider of pre-employment screening for executive-level Fortune 500 organizations nationwide.


Emerge Solutions, Intelifi’s innovative web-based application increases our ability to effectively and thoroughly retrieve public and private FCRA-regulated information through a network of real-time global data providers. While maintaining security requirements, Bureau updates and government/FCRA regulations, Emerge has developed the most comprehensive and accurate methods to ensure that you’re covered.


Now an online powerhouse in FDA Cleared and CLIA waived drug testing kits, DrugAbuseControl.com has developed into a strong division of Intelifi. With a growing number of drug and alcohol users in the wordplace, we recognize that screening inidviduals in the 21st century extends beyond just reading their background reports.


Identitypi, a top-ranking e-solutions background screening company, has long been operating as a division of Intelifi. The site provides customized solutions to small and mid-sized businesses and offers consumers tenant screenings, complete background checks, DMV records and much more.

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