Uniquely positioned as both a software developer and data provider, lntelifi’s EMERGE™ platform was designed with both perspectives in mind. The result is a comprehensive screening solution that offers cutting-edge functionality, built-in compliance tools, and human and AI review of criticai records, providing only the highest quality data available on the market.

Our EMERGE™ platform has evolved with each new release, refined and improved based on suggestions and feedback from our clients, with the aim being to provide an easy-to-use, efficient and cost-effective solution for employment screening.

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Intelifi developed EMERGE™, our proprietary background screening platform, with the unique needs of our clients in mind. Conducting employment screening in an ever changing legal and regulatory landscape can be confusing and challenging. As such, our technology is designed to ensure that your data is accurate, fast and FCRA compliant.

Our platform has been designed from the ground up with our client’s needs in mind, with the focus on an easy-to-use and intuitive user experience. We offer cutting-edge features, customizable packages and built-in compliance tools designed to help streamline your employment screening workflow, and give you



Intelifi provides only the highest quality data available on the market, extracted directly from various government sources, including courthouses, state repositories, and sex offender registries, in real-time.

We designed our platform EMERGE™, to simplify data entry and make ordering even the most complicated packages, as simple as a single click; maximizing user efficiency, while minimizing risk and human error.

As a NAPBS® Accredited background check company, we adhere to the highest standards and practices. AII of our reports are vetted to be FCRA compliant, and safe to use for employment decisions, anywhere in the United States.

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