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Background Screening Technology

Background Screening Technology

Background Screening Reports

Run Your First Accounting Employee Background Check Here

Efficiency & Ease Of Use

Multi-level Users

Create restricted levels of access and managerial roles for different users within your company...

Batch Processing

Allows for the upload of thousands of applicant names at one time...

Two Tier Packages

A unique algorithm that allows you to integrate multiple reports in one search...

Live County Reports

Get immediate county courthouse results through digital feeds using LiveRunner...

Reporting & Data Verification

Emerge Review

Ensure data integrity by conducting human reviews and having results manually...

Match Meter Filtration

A proprietary algorithm designed to scan data results automatically and with precision...

Compliance Measures

Permissible purposes, 613 notices, adverse letters, and other FCRA guidelines and regulations...

Live Support

One click connects you with our live support team using Emerge Chat...

Software & Technology

API Integration

Connect to affiliates with the use of our custom API for integration with business partners...

White Label Program

A plug-and-play background screening platform for CRA's and other resellers...

Desktop Scanner

Use Syncpod to scan in applicants ID's directly into Emerge with the simple push...

Drug Testing Portal

With an integrated drug testing portal, Intelifi completes the screening process by servicing...



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Drug Testing


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