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DMV Records

With Intelifi and our suite of information services, you can use Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) records to validate your applicant’s personal information so you can prevent fraud and make accurate decisions based on the useful and detailed results provided. These transportation report, drawn from official state records, comes from information contained in the license information of over 120 million drivers.

MOTOR Vehicle Report (MVR)

If you’re screening for a position related to transportation, the information provided by a DMV records report is essential to learning about known driver violations and DUI information so you can prevent potentially costly litigations in the future. In most cases, negligence suits find the company itself — and not necessarily the driver — at fault, so knowing a driver’s history is important to protecting your business’ assets and its future.

 CDLIS commercial driver’s(CDLIS)

Let Intelifi help you participate in the cooperative exchange of commercial driver information between jurisdictions and comply with FMCSA requirement. CDLIS allows employers like you and your agents to search within the Commercial Driver’s License Information System for current CDL information on your applicant or employee and up to three prior licenses held by that person.

This database exists because it is mandated by the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act (CMVSA) of 1986 and supports the issuance of commercial driver licenses by jurisdictions while assisting jurisdictions in meeting the goals of the basic tenet “that each driver, nationwide, have only one driver license and one record”.


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