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This report, you can get a general picture of an applicant and see what steps to take next. Comprehensive people searches make it easy to vali-date your applicant’s information and narrow your results.

A People Search report is a great place to start your screening process for an applicant. It provides you an address history of the applicant for the past20 years and a listing of known aliases they have used. This information available from Intelifi is your first step toward getting a full picture of your applicant and deciding whether you want him or her as a part of your company.

This report helps you identify in which states the applicant has resided and can help you decide which other reports you should run to get a complete picture of the person’s background. For instance, if the applicant has resided in a state that is not covered under a national criminal report, you may choose to run a manual state or county report depending on what is offered by the state.

An additional feature of the People Search Report is Social Security Number verification, and this service is automatically performed if the applicant’sSocial Security Number is entered in the search criteria.

Additional Reports Available

Bankruptcy Report

A Bankruptcy Report returns important information for determining the status of an individual’s assets and court proceedings. By requesting this re-port, you receive liens and judgment information on the individual with specific filing dates, docket numbers and much more.

Evictions Report

Search over 8.8 million records complied from all 50 states for evidence of unpaid rent or tenant problems that led to eviction. Get information not usually found on a credit report from the most comprehensive evictions data-base available to help you flesh out your picture of an individual.

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