Background Checks For Staffing Agencies

With the difficulty of hiring many employees in a short amount of time and the competitive environment of the industry, staffing organizations need accurate screening at a reasonable cost. INTELIFI has been servicing staffing organization for over 10 years so we know how to simplify your background screening process.

An employer has an absolute obligation to exercise due diligence not only in whom they hire on payroll, but in whom they allow on premises to perform work. No employer would dream of walking down the street and handing the keys to the business to a total stranger, yet many employers across America essentially do exactly that every day when engaging the services of vendors and temporary workers without conduction a comprehensive background check.

It is our goal that you get the most accurate, up-to-date information possible, which is why we have award-winning specialists standing by if you have any questions or concerns. We also continually update our databases so that your criminal background check is reliable, unlike other companies that use old or outdated information. If you’re still unsure, chat with one of our live chat support people or check out our positive standing with the Better Business Bureau.

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