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Delaware Background Checks

The state of Delaware does not participate in providing criminal court data into national databases. This means you have to request real-time statewide searches, which go through the Delaware State Bureau of Investigation, the central repository for all of the criminal records in the state. This office maintains all criminal records, and Intelifi has direct access to their repository. We can provide reliable, complete background reports that cover all three counties in the state of Delaware. It is very important for Delaware employers to utilize this type of search, and Intelifi specializes in working with state researchers directly to provide and maintain the highest quality of reporting.

Completing a background report for Delaware will ensure the person you are screening does not have Felony convictions such as robbery or drug trafficking, as well as Misdemeanor crimes such as domestic violence and drug possession.

Intelifi has dedicated account managers that are experts in covering all of the ground in Delaware. Contact us today to get started.

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