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Georgia Background Checks

Georgia’s criminal records are maintained by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Much of their data is reported to our national database, which Intelifi reports instantaneously. However, what some employers do not know is that some records can be maintained at the county level and do not always get reported to the national database. Because of this, we have court researchers available in every county in the state of Georgia that go to each county courthouse on a daily basis to perform record checks. Combining county court searches with your instant national database search will ensure that you leave no stone unturned. Choosing a provider that is experienced with county clerk searches is very important, and Intelifi maintains the highest quality of reporting.

We will provide both Felony and Misdemeanor convictions in the state of Georgia, ranging from DWI’s and Petty Theft to more severe crime such as Aggravated Assault and Child Abuse.

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