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New Jersey Background Checks

Criminal background checks in New Jersey are used to make hiring decisions every day. It is very important for employers to thoroughly screen their job candidates. Intelifi specializes in assisting New Jersey employers to get the most comprehensive, accurate criminal background check available to ensure that any crime an applicant may have is discovered. Many of the county courts in New Jersey do not update records reliably to the National Criminal Report’s database, so it is important for an employer to work with a screening provider that understands this and can cover any possible gaps. Intelifi has direct access to all of the county courts in New Jersey. We have court researchers that go to every court on a daily basis to perform record checks, so we can always ensure we have the most up to date, complete report available. We can provide you with a one-step search that covers you nationally as well as at the county level.

New Jersey criminal background checks report all Felony and Misdemeanor convictions, which range from severe crimes such as Rape, to less serious offenses such as Petty Theft.

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