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North Carolina Background Checks

Intelifi has LiveRunner technology for the entire state of North Carolina. This means that you can obtain a real-time, statewide search that covers every single county and get your results back in less than thirty minutes. This is a huge benefit to employers who rely upon fast turnaround times for their pre-employment background screening. Because Intelifi has direct access to the court systems in North Carolina, we are able to provide the best quality assurance you will find because we are experts on covering the gaps between national database searches and real-time statewide searches. We can combine both our National Criminal Report and our Statewide Criminal Report into one easy search so you get all of the data that you need, and you can make sure you uncover every possible conviction – even the most recent cases.

North Carolina reports all Felony and Misdemeanor convictions, which range from serious offenses like Enticing a Child, to less sever crimes such as Disorderly Conduct.

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